Food Service

ABL Management, Inc. is a leader in Correctional Food Service Management.

ABL Management, Inc. understands food service is a critical function which should contribute to a smooth operating facility, not be the cause for concern. 

  • Menus prepared by Registered Dietitians of ABL Management, Inc. meet or exceed specifications and requirements set by:
    • Food and Nutrition Board of the National Academy of Science (The Board provides Dietary Reference Intake values)
    • American Correctional Association
    • American Medical Association
    • National Sheriff's Association
    • National Commission for Correctional Health Care
  • Menus are prepared with every effort made to use any USDA Commodities your facility receives
  • Unit Managers are well trained and highly qualified individuals
  • District Managers are seasoned professionals with Correctional setting experience
  • Facility Security guidelines are followed
  • All Employees must have your security approval before hiring
  • All Employees are trained regarding Correctional facility procedures
  • Seamless service transitions from Self-Operation or another food service contractor to ABL Management, Inc.
  • Proven emergency response procedures are in place and ready at a moments notice

As inmate populations continue to increase, ABL Management, Inc. provides correctional administrators with high quality, cost effective programs to meet the daily demands of feeding inmates.

With over 26 million meals served, ABL Management, Inc has the expertise and knowledge to provide a cost effective service for your Correctional facility.

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